Seishin Iaido members study the use of the Japanese sword, by training in the Iaido style of the All Japan Kendo Federation and Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu iaido.

Iaido is a martial art of drawing and cutting, using the traditional Japanese Sword.

Hayashizaki (Jinsuke) Shigenobu is generally credited with establishing the influence and popularity of Iaido early in the sixteenth century.  However, around a century before his birth, the dynamic art of iai-jutsu had been developed by Izasa Ianao, the founder of the Tensin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu.

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Training times and locations:
Saturdays (Kew) – 7:30~9:00 AM.  For instruction and practice of Iaido for all students.

1st Kew Scout Hall, Willsmere Rd, (corner of Kellett Grove) Kew, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Melway map 45, cross reference E/2 and a Google map is below.  Bus routes 200/203/205 all stop just a few metres away. There is ample bike and car parking on-street and on-site.

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Richard Ward, 5th Dan; Suzanne Rogers, 3rd Dan. Mark Howard 2nd Dan.

More information for prospective new iaido students is on our Training page.

For further details about Seishin or iaido, please call in to meet us at a Saturday morning training session at Kew, send us an e-mail via our Contact page, or browse the pages on this website.

We welcome visitors from other dojos to train with us and also those who may wish to just watch, but please check our Calendar page first.

Seishin Iaido is affiliated with the Victorian Kendo Renmei and the Australian Kendo Renmei which is an affiliate and founding member of the International Kendo Federation.

Seishin Iaido recognises and acknowledges the importance of our connection with the heritage of the Japanese sword and all those who have preceded us and have shared their knowledge with us.


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