Seishin Schedule for 2018 and early 2019

TRAINING TIMES (Check lower down for any changes to the usual schedule for special events)

  • Saturdays – 7:30~9:00 AM. Instruction and practice of AJKF Iaido for all students.
    First Saturday session of each month – Muso Jikiden Eishin ryu – Omori ryu. Old school (koryu) training.
    Second Saturday of each month, includes AJKF Nippon Kendo Kata training, followed by AJKF Iaido.  NO TRAINING on Saturday 24 November 2018, being State Election day.


  • Saturday (afternoon) 10 March 2018, VKR Iaido Kyu and Dan Grading at West Melbourne.
  • Saturday (afternoon) 21 July 2018, VKR Iaido Kyu Grading at West Melbourne.
  • Saturday (afternoon) 17 November, 2018, VKR Iaido Kyu and Dan Grading at West Melbourne. Note that this date is brought forward as the scheduled weekend is the State Election day.


  • Victorian Kendo Renmei, combined Iaido training sessions are held on or around the last Friday of every second month (Check dates). 19:00~20:30.  25 May, 20 July, 28 September and 16 November 2018. All at West Melbourne.

SUMMER 2018-19

  • Saturday 22 December 2018, 10:00am. End of year breakfast/brunch.
  • NO TRAINING ON Saturday 29 December 2018 and Saturday 5 January 2019.