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by Nagae Sumitake Sensei


Mr Gary Oliver who is my Kendo student since 1980 has asked me to write the foreword for his work of “The History of the Victorian Kendo Renmei”. This is my great honor and I have accepted his request.

The history is the real events of the past but it is rather laborious to pick up widely spread events and assemble it objectively and on the passage of time. The history of Australian Kendo has less than 50 years but, even so, this work needs a lot of time and energy. I would like to express my sincere respect for Gary’s effort.

I’m not a Kendo specialist but a business man. I have trained Kendo since 8 years as a hobby. I came to Australia as the Vice-President of an Australian & Japanese joint venture company to solve the accumulated trouble of this project. The company which I worked for in Japan was Snow Brand Milk Products co. and its President was Mr Mitsugi Sato who was also the Vice-President of All Japan Kendo Federation. He ordered me to promote Kendo in Australia and this was my second task. You will be able to find out its results in this history.

The history is the story of the past but when you will study the contents then you may be able to forecast its future. Gary gave us this important opportunity and we should express our hearty appreciation for his contribution.

Sumitaka Nagae
7th Dan Kendo
April 2007

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