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This project has been satisfying albeit not everyone was able to contribute to the history as we may have liked. Indeed, there is still much work to be done if we are to now use this history as a base to move forward and ensure that future activities and happenings in this State are to be recorded and kept as part of an ongoing archive.

That challenge is for this generation of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Ka if it is to be meaningful and written in a contemporary style that will appeal and do justice to all involved.

Detailed records of who have won our respective VKR Kendo Championships since its inception need researching lest their successful achievements be lost. As our State Taikai becomes older and its importance grows those who won early championships should be acknowledged and remembered.

Likewise our various Executive Committees, State Coaches and State Team members should be recorded, their achievements in those roles and capacities acknowledged and celebrated.

The many photographs we now have thanks to the contributions of many can now give a face to the name and a feel to the time they were taken. This will in the future be most helpful in reflecting on the short yet significant history that we have forged.

Gary Oliver
30th June 2007
President - Victorian Kendo Renmei

Page 54