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Iaido & Jodo Championships

The VKR contestants fared well in January at the Australian Kendo and Jodo Taikai in Wollongong, taking out first place in most events. Well done all clubs for supporting the growth of these two disciplines.

During the year Iaido and Jodo gradings were held at Ballarat, Kenshikan and Tojinkai Dojos to help eleviate the travel constraints put on our country members. We also incorporated some training sessions to coincide with gradings and these proved worthwhile.

Nittaidai Demonstration in Ballarat
Nittaidai Visit - Ballarat

The annual visit by Nittaidai students shifted to Ballarat this year. The Ballarat Kendo Club hosted the group who performed to a full house at Ballarat’s Minerdome stadium.

Television coverage was excellent and following the performance a spit roast was organized. Hakamada Sensei and Yagisawa Sensei suggested that next year no beer should be served at the BBQ function. For country Victorians it was a huge success.

At the AGM the Executive remained essentially the same: Gary Oliver – President, Yakov Macak – Vice President, Josh Orth - Secretary and Marcus Lee- Steere - Treasurer. Ben Kelly was selected as State Coach.

Membership Stats

VKR Clubs : 10
Kendo Members: 276
Iaido Members: 81
Jodo members: 32

# Members doing Kendo only: 226
# Members doing Iaido only: 27
# Members doing Kendo + Iaido: 49
# Members doing Kendo & Jodo: 1
# Members doing Iaido & Jodo: 24
# Members doing Kendo + Iaido + Jodo: 9

In all approximately 328 paid up individual members. It should be noted however that there are at any one time more members active than the above table suggests.

2006 Australian kendo Championships - Perth

A good sized contingent from our State under the guidance of State Coach, Ben Kelly attended the Nationals at Easter. Our congratulations to Ben on his professional and successful fulfilment of this demanding role.


Open Individual :

1st: Kirby Smith (NSW)
2nd: Stuart Burke (NSW)
3rd: Arpad Maksay (VIC)
3rd: Philip Baker (ACT)


Open Grade Teams :

1st: New South Wales
2nd: Queensland


Kyu Grade Individuals :

1st: Anthony Tilbury (WA)
2nd: Brian Balshaw (SA)
3rd: Danny Mok (WA)
3rd: Bertie Sanday (VIC)


Kyu Grade Teams :

1st: Western Australia
2nd: Victoria


Women's Individuals :

1st: Akemi Drohan (VIC)
2nd: Susan Bonar (WA)
3rd: Kate Sylvester (VIC)
3rd: Vivien Yung (NSW)


Women's Team :

1st: Victoria
2nd:Western Australia


Seniors Individuals :

1st: Dennis Hong Soo Kim (NSW)
2nd:Brian Brestovac (WA)
3rd: Noriyuki Tamura (QLD)
3rd: Ron Walker (VIC)


Kata Team :

1st: Victoria


John Butler Award :

Sue Rogers (VIC) & Sharyn Wragg (ACT)


Fighting Spirit Awards :

Martino Ellero (ACT)
Chiaki Kobayashi (VIC)

Grading Results:    

5th Dan

Khay-Lin Teoh


6th Dan

Brett Smith


2006 Otsuka Winners
16th Annual Otsuka Memorial 2006

As per normal, this event was well attended and equally well organised. It remains a highlight and jumping off point for the second semester.

Training Camps

Individual Clubs planned their annual training camps, Ballarat again being a popular venue.

State Championships

The venue for this year’s State Taikai was the Darebeen Community Centre. This proved a great venue for what was a very busy and long day. The usual high standard performances came out on the day, the only upset being a trip to hospital by Akemi Drohan upon tearing her achilles in the women’s final. Well done Ben Sheppherd for finding the hall and organising the day.

Mumeishi 3's

Sensei Gazzaniga’s tournament culminated a week of special trainings with Sumi Sensei 8th Dan and Terry Holt 7th Dan who flew in for the occasion. This important tournament still provides an opportunity to both compete, coach and mentor at all levels.

The week preceding the tournament saw a number of training opportunities utilizing the vast knowledge and experience of Sumi Sensei and Holt Sensei. Trainings were held at Kenshikan, Mumeishi and Ballarat.

Sensei Sumi, Holt, Fennessy, Gazzaniga & Oliver


Inevitably there must come a time when this part of our history concludes and awaits a further writing. It was the author’s intention to finish with the last events of 2006, however, in waiting for final copy from a number of people the time line extended to the end of June 2007. Hopefully this final six months will prove worthwhile.

17th Australian Iaido & 7th Australian Jodo Championships

29th January, 2007 - Hobart, Tasmania

Iaido Results:

JAMES CUP (6-4 Kyu Individual)
1st Place: P. Lagoutatzis (VIC)
2nd Place: G. Costanzo

HAGA CUP (1-3 Kyu Individual)
1st Place: D. Cambell
2nd Place: J. Usher (VIC)

UENO CUP (1-2 Dan Individual)
1st Place: T. Sugio
2nd Place: M. Deane(VIC)

BLUE LEAF CUP (3+ Dan Individual)
1st Place: M. Lee-Steere(VIC)
2nd Place: C. Chan (VIC)

1st Place: VIC "A"
2nd Place: WA "A"

Iaido Results:

1st Place: M. Lee-Steere/A. Pickering (VIC)
2nd Place: B. Frost/A. Pickering (VIC)

1st Place: M. Deane/C.Sarraniyathan (VIC)
2nd Place: Labuschagne/Graudins (TAS)

As usual another strong contingent of Victorians attended the Iaido Championships. Highlights included Marcus Lee-Steere’s win over Claire Chan. Claire had dominated this event in recent years. At the grading Tony Pickering achieved 5th Dan in Iaido, thus adding another Iaido Sensei to Victoria. Oda Sensei and Nagayama Sensei attended training in Melbourne at the end of the Championships together with Ohara Sensei and their group.

State Coach

Last year’s State Coach, Ben Kelly again put his hand up to prepare the VKR teams for the Championships to be held in June.

Shinpan Seminar

The IKF organized an Asian Zone Shinpan Seminar in Sydney over three days from March 15th – 17th. While this would normally have been the Easter Australian Championships the prestige of holding such an event demanded a change of time and venue.

In all 10 members from Victoria attended, the invitation being for 4th Dan and above Kendo Ka. The VKR subsidized each member $100 and the Kendo Board a further $200 to enable them to attend. Ben Kelly achieved 5th Dan at the seminar.

Those from our State were Ben Kelly, Ben Sheppard, Brent Gazzaniga, Brett Smith, Claire Chan, Khay-Lin Teoh, Kumie Dawkins, Peter Szwarcbord, Yakov Macak and Yoichi Yano.

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