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Junichi Takeuchi

7th Dan


When I came to Melbourne in 1975 the only Kendo Dojo was Mr. Guerillot's one with about 10 students.  In a small Dojo in Little Bourke Street, which John Butler and I had started there were also only 3 or 4 students who had attended.  After I left Melbourne in December 1976 Kendo clubs around Melbourne were opened in various places in Victoria.  As a result, many of Japan’s famous Sensei rushed for Australia.

I believe it is a result of the big contribution of Shizawa Sensei, Nagae Sensei and many other Kendoists who love VKR. Now there are more than 10 clubs. I was very impressed with the fact that a single seed of Kendo planted in Little Bourke Street has grown up to a big organization called VKR. I hope VKR will be developing more and more to expand the real spirit of Kendo all over the world. The VKR is always in my heart forever.

Jun Takeuchi

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