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Lachlan Jackson

3rd Dan

Although I have been away from the VKR for 7 years (living in Japan) I consider my association with the people who make it up to be an absolute honour. In a weird way, my time in Japan has never quite given me the same things (Kendo wise) as my association with the Kendo-nuts in Victoria did. They really set the bar high. I am grateful to Julian Richardson,Kay-Lin Teoh, and Matt Osborne for giving me a "leg-up" into Kendo almost 15 years ago.

I found my Kendo home at Fudoshin, and under the leadership of Damien and Brett, I got something out of Kendo - and life - quite unlike anything else I have been able to experience elsewhere. Sue, "Davey D", Jimmy S, and "Spanky" Gerard E were the engine room when I left, and the "'Pard" was on a mission! God, I loved training with those people!
One fond VKR memory of mine is when Fudoshin held their annual gasshuku at the Ballarat Kendo Club  after a grading where I was the Dojo steward. Golly me, did I stuff that one up!?! And didn't we have a giggle about that one over the years that proceeded!

If you will indulge me, let me close with an "in joke" pertaining to a certain Fudoshin leader who grew up in the bush and went to the Melbourne Show as a young buck; "We're goin' to Moomba, Hip Hop!"

Locky Jackson

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