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Claire Chan

4th Dan


When I first started Kendo at the Melbourne Budokai, formerly the Melbourne Kendo Club nearly sixteen years ago, and Iaido some five years later, I had no idea that I will pursue these two martial arts for this long and I am still somewhere on my journey.

I guess you canít do it unless you enjoy it, and you have really got to want to do it, and with the support and encouragement from many Sensei, senpai and kohai in Victoria, thatís enough to keep me going.

Kendo in Victoria have come a long way since my early years of training. The number of women Kendoka have increased, the quality of instructors, their level of

dedication and spirit, and Nagae Sensei’s work in arranging numerous well-known Sensei to visit Melbourne, all flow onto the high standards of Kendo that we have seen. There were many great successes from the Victorian Kendoka competing in the annual Australian Kendo Championships mainly due to the VKR’s support in establishing a Victorian Kendo squad to prepare those competing in the AKC. I remember one year we were treated to a party after we had a successful run at the AKC.

On a similar front, the standard of Iaido in Victoria, especially in the last five years, is also very high.  We have been very successful at the annual Australian Iaido and Jodo Championships where we made a clean sweep of winning all the events.  We were running out of room to display all the trophies at Kenshikan!  It just goes to show the level of our commitment to the Arts that we enjoy doing. 

Along the way, I was proud that I was part of a number of Victorians selected in the Australian Kendo Team to compete in one demonstration event and three World Kendo Championships, the most recent being in 2006 in Taiwan. They were such a memorable experience – the trainings, the travels, the atmosphere, the shiais, and the party.

Without a dedicated group of committee members running the Victoria Kendo Renmei, our Kendo, Iaido and Jodo would not have grown to what it is today.

Claire Chan
(Kendo 4th Dan, Iaido 4th Dan, Jodo 3rd Dan)

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