What is Jōdō – 杖道?

Jodo (Jōdō – 杖道), meaning “the way of the jō”, or Jōjutsu (杖術) is a Japanese martial art using a short staff called jō. The art is similar to bōjutsu, and is strongly focused upon defense against the Japanese sword.

The jō is a short staff (round stick), made of oak.  It is 128cms in length and 2.4cms in diameter.

Jodo is a traditional martial art of Japan; it is aimed at self-defence against an attack; it enables you to suppress your enemy’s offence: and its spirit is to give him a lesson without inflicting a wound.

Jodo techniques include thrusting, parrying, and striking; Jodo is noted for its equal handling of the jo on either side of the body.

Jodo kata (forms) are called SHINKEN KATA (real sword forms). The All Japan Kendo Federation has selected twelve forms out of sixty-four originals and designated them as A.J.K.F. Jodo kata. In the practice of Jodo, it is essential that you follow instruction precisely, always in an alert and concentrated mind as if you were engaged in a real life-or-death combat. By doing so, you should be able to master those kata in terms of not only appearance but also spirit, and eventually you should reach the level of skill that you can participate in a match.


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