Victorian Junior Kendo Championships 2018

Under 16s and under 12s competitions

Sunday 2nd December, Kenshikan Melbourne, 91-99 Rosslyn St, West Melbourne
12.30 registration, 1.00pm opening ceremony, 4.30pm medals presentation (time subject to change)


  • Kihon competition (kirikaeshi and uchikomigeiko) 4th kyu to 6th kyu and ungraded
  • Shiai two divisions in each age group: 1st kyu – 3rd kyu and 4th kyu – 6th kyu
  • Team competition 3 person team: kirikaeshi, uchikomigeiko and 2 minute ippon-shobu


Entries are due by Friday 16th November.
Cost is $10 per individual event, $20 per team. There is no limit to how many teams a club can enter.
See Competition Format table below for eligibility criteria.
Club secretaries are to send
entry spreadsheet and proof of payment to the VKR secretary.
Please include a separate list of competitors’ names and all events each is to be entered, including teams

Entrants must be AKR members. Under 16 as of 1st July 2018
The draw will be constructed to pair competitors of similar height and weight and with less than two year
age difference, where possible. Where this is not possible, special supplementary rules to promote safety
and fairness will be enacted.
Motodachi for kihon competition to be supplied by each club.
Team competition format: 1) kirikaeshi, 2) uchikomi for 40 sec, 3) one-point match for 2 min