Ballarat Goldfields Kendo Taikai

Ballarat Kendo Club Inc will be again hosting its Goldfields Kendo Taikai on Saturday, 10th November and would like to invite all AKR members to participate in this event.

It will be held in the main gymnasium at the Eastwood Leisure Complex, Eastwood Street, Ballarat.

The format of the competition is a gender inclusive individual knock-out, with the winner of the Kyu taikai progressing to the Dan division. There will be two divisions:

Open Kyu (6th Kyu – 1st Kyu)
Open Dan (1st Dan – 7th Dan)

Entries may be limited due to time constraints, with earlier entries receiving preference. All competitors in the Dan division will be expected to assist with shinpan duties for the Kyu grades. In this case, dress will be hakama and keikogi.

Registrations will open at 9.30a.m on the day, with proceedings commencing at 10.30 a.m.




Date                           Saturday, November 10th 2018

Venue                        Eastwood Leisure Complex

Eastwood St BALLARAT

9:30 AM                    Registrations & Shinai Check

10:30 AM                 Opening Ceremony

Speeches, Special Awards & Demonstrations

11:00 AM                 Kyu Individuals (6th Kyu – 1st Kyu)

4 minute matches, 12 entries max

12:30 PM                              Lunch

1:30 PM                    Dan Individuals (Open Dan)

5 minute matches, 24 entries max

3:30 PM                    Jigeiko

4:30 PM                    Closing ceremony

5:00 PM                    Venue close

6:00 PM                    Dinner